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Exise Taxes

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Exise Taxes Empty Exise Taxes

Post by Keith Jayson on Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:23 pm

I have read some incomplete accounts that indicate that before the War, most Federal income was from excise taxes. Some accounts give the figure at 90% of the Federal income, others say 85%. These accounts also say that most of this was from the importation of goods by southern states. Is this true? And by most, how much of the 85% or 90% or whatever is the correct figure, of this was, in fact, from southern states?

Would a knowledgeable person on the forum educate me about this issue?

It sure sounds like a slam-dunk reason to explain why Mr. Lincoln was so dedicated to keeping the Union together, or, should I say, keeping his income source connected.

Please provide me with references, if you have them. I don't doubt the basic facts but would like to quantify them accurately.

Keith Jayson
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Exise Taxes Empty Re: Exise Taxes

Post by confederateson1342 on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:41 pm

I am not entirely sure about the figures, but the Union government made most of their incomes on tariffs which are the import and export of goods since income taxes did not exist then. Tariffs where the main source of income from them as well as the money made from the cotton king of the south. The reason Mr. Lincoln did not want the CSA to exist for one would make him known as the man who let the union split. But there are many things people do not know of about Ole "Honest Abe". Look up his letter to Horace Greeley. Or him suspending the writ of habeus corpus. Lincoln was a cruel and dishonest man. His invasion into a sovereign nation was unacceptable. I mean who would let a general burn an entire city to the ground in Atlanta, Sherman's march to the sea. Also you know that the entire southern population was not wealthy, so why did the poor folk go out and fight if they did not own slaves? Always remember that "the spoils of history go to the victors of war". History is always skewed to the victors.

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