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Abatis - Interesting Fact

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Abatis - Interesting Fact Empty Abatis - Interesting Fact

Post by RebYell on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:31 pm

I recently stumbled upon this term....thought I'd share it with those that didn't know. An abatis is an obstacle created by felling trees towards an enemy. it sounds fairly effective....does anyone know where I could find more information about this?



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Abatis - Interesting Fact Empty Re: Abatis - Interesting Fact

Post by Dixie Dog on Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:33 pm

Abatis and Abbatis Pronounced A-bay-tiss

I first learned the word in Bible Class.
Pretty much as you descibe. The Romans did this since 100 AD.  My Bible teacher thinks this has been used since beginning of wars.
Wire tied to trees armed with shapened spikes.
In some cases the enemy would be bated and when completly within the circle of trees the trees would be tipped over and lit on fire.
I can find reference to this practice being used
in the early years of this country. I cannot find evidence of the practice during the civil war.
This is all I can say, the word is not in the Bible.
It is in some encycopedias. It's not in my modern Websters.
It MIGHT be in my 1828 Websters, if I can find it,,,I hate it when I lose stuff.
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Dixie Dog
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